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Save money on vacation planning in Las Vegas

Don’t give your money away to corporate travel companies!

As 2016 begins, you may notice some extreme changes in some of the web’s biggest hospitality and vacation rental sites. HomeAway has been purchased by Expedia, which means big differences for the traveler.

Flipkey, AirBnB, VRBO, and now HomeAway will all soon have one BIG thing in common: a service fee of 10-15% of the reservation price, passed directly to you, the traveler. Worse yet, many of these sites try to force travelers to book via credit card. The big sites do all of the credit card processing, so this triggers up to an additional 5% credit card processing fee (that is paid by the property owner, but no doubt passed on to many travelers and renters by way of higher per night rates).

What does this mean for you? It means that you will often find the ultimate rates on those big name travel sites (daily rate + taxes+ fees) to be 10-20% higher than elsewhere on the web. There’s no benefit to the traveler (or the owner!) for these increased fees. In fact, the only benefit is for the corporations running these sites.

So, what is a leisure or business traveler to do? Savvy travelers in 2016 are booking directly with property owners to save money and maximize service.
Las Vegas Gated Villa charges no service fees and no credit card fees. We even can refer you to reasonably priced, easy to access traveler’s insurance, that way you feel extra secure in your booking. Call today to book this year’s vacation, weekend trip, or business travel in Las Vegas. Save money and get the personal service you deserve.

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