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12432Typically, when a traveler is researching places to stay on their trip, they will go right to many of the big name travel sites: AirB&B, FlipKey, and many others. The reality is, however, that there is a significant advantage for the traveler to book directly with the properties they are looking into.

Many of the most popular travel websites charge consumers a 10-15% service fee just to book through their portals. HomeAway, which was acquired by Expedia in December, will start charging travelers this service fee in the second quarter of 2016.

Beyond the service fee, there are additional costs to property owners to use these sites that are often directly pushed right back to the consumer. On many travel websites, generally the only way you can pay for your booking is via credit card. Many travel websites do the credit card processing for these transactions in house- and they charge the property owners a 3-5% per transaction fee. This cost is reflected in the price you’re paying to reserve a property. Paying via credit card on big name sites has no advantage for you, the traveler, and no advantage for the property owner either.

11114Our Las Vegas Gated Villa is the premier vacation rental in the Las Vegas area and absolutely loved by our guests. Cut out the middle man and book directly with us. There are no service fees, no credit card charges, no hidden costs. We are here to provide you with the best travel experience without wasting your hard earned money.

We are the lowest cost method to travelers to book their vacation or business trip and we provide a personal service that these large companies could never replicate.

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Ready to book the trip of your dreams? Below, view our availability calendar. Rates start at $300 per night for weekdays and $500 per night for weekends. Weekly rate is $2400.  Variable rates for holidays and special events. Three (3) night minimum. 

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