Updates and Responses to COVID-19

Our villa includes many exciting features to make your stay as relaxing, fun, or productive as you’d like to make it.

Pool & Spa

The villa includes a  refreshing pool and spa that sits nestled between lush, exotic landscaping. The large pool is conveniently heated via eco-friendly, green-conscious solar heating t20141029-DSC_0414_zpsf9b8d4d7hat extend the days you can luxuriate in the pool well-bRH1eyond when you would expect. The pool has a brand new, color changing LED light that makes night time swims particularly exciting!

The stunning spa, with double loungers and color changing LED lights, is fully customizable to your desired temperature, pressure, and bubbles.

The backyard area has several large, gas heaters so you can enjoy the striking grounds even on the most brisk desert night. Best of all? You can even see glimmers of the dazzling Las Vegas Strip (just 2.7 miles away!) from your lounger in the pool.


The entire property has lightening fast, 50 MBPS wifi, including out by the poolside. In case you left your laptop at home, the living room includes an office work station that has a desktop computer (with internet) and high speed printer. Whether for business or pleasure, we’ve got your computing needs met.


The property has two wall mounted, flatscreenTVs, including a 55 inch, state of the art, Sony 4K HDTV that dwarves the quality of standard HDTV like HDTV dwarves analog TV.  Both TVs have full Cox cable with over 200 channels, including those in HD. The villa also has a DVD player for your movie watching needs.


Inside the house- and by the pool!- you can find a full sound system that integrates with the TV in the den. Set the TV to any of the dozens of Music Choice channels to find the ideal playlist for your stay.


We have free weights available on property if you would like to squeeze in a workout before your night out on the town. We also have yoga mats and supplies if you’re looking to have a zen moment by the pool.